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Mandy Jasi My friend just had to fill in the information and he got it.

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Elina At first I thought it was all a trick, but they sent me the Gift Card ! I can hardly believe it!

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Diana Berg 1 Gift card me for me! This is a real...

Like · Reply · 18 3 mins

Karin Eichelberger It's real! I got my gif card today! After you fill out the survey, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail address with the message that you have successfully participated in it. If you win, they will inform you of your email address and after that you have two days to claim it. If not, you will automatically select another winner. Always check this frequently... If you do not want to enter your personal e-mail address, you only have to make sure that you have access to a second address. Good luck to all of you!

Like · Reply · 50 28 mins

Julia I got my gift card today! 🙂 I'm so glad!

Like · Reply · 16 20 mins

Karin Strauss That looks so good! I signed up now too!

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Dieter Theiss It looks so promising, folks! I can't wait to get mine!

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Kevin Schmid I've got mine too!

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Mario Gloeckner Thanks for this! Everything is real! I've got mine now!

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